Pressurized water Pump Shimge

Pressurized water Pump Shimge BLTE2-11(1.1Kw-220V)

  • Code:BLTE2-11(1.1Kw-220V)

  • Trademark:SHIMGE

  • made:china

  • Warranty period:12 months

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Pressurized water Pump Shimge BLTE2-11(1.1Kw-220V) series fully integrated intelligent variable frequency pump is a new generation of pressurized water supply equipment newly developed by the Company which highly integrates variable frequency controller water pump and pressure tank; with handsome appearance, the pump has reached the intemational advanced level: provided with artificial intelligence. it ca adjust automatically to meet the users requirement for constant pressure and variable frequency water supply, so as to keep constant the pressure of wa supply network and maintain the whole system at the optimal energy-efficient state. Application fields: Domestic water supply: Roof pressurization for high-rise buildings, apartment, and villa, etc,. Public places: School, restaurant, station, hospital, and gymnasium, etc. Commercial buildings: Hotel, office building, and department store, etc. Irrigation: Farm, orchard, and park, etc,. Industry: Manufacturing, food industry, factory water supply and other places requiring constant pressure water supply. There is no medium with explosive risk in the ambient air, and there is no gas or conducting dust which is enough to corrode metal and damage insulation in ambient media. The product is designed to operate in the environment with the pollution class.



 1.5HP - 1.1KW



Head range

0.5-8.0 kg/cm2


2 m3/h



Made in



 12 tháng