First of all, Shimge wishes you good health, success, and sincere thanks to our customers who are and will be using the Shimge Pump Group's industrial water pumps.

As a manufacturer of industrial pumps products are applied in many different fields around the world. Established for the purpose of supplying water pumps for industrial boiler systems and RO water purification systems, urban water supply and drainage systems, fire prevention and fighting systems, etc. throughout the provinces. in Vietnam. All types of pumps are used with the best materials, beautiful designs, sure, easy installation, reasonable price, which is trusted by many customers in the world. The main markets of Shimge pumps are Russia, Portugal, Philippines, Korea ...

We want to be one of the best pump suppliers in the Vietnamese market, to bring quality of life and satisfaction to all our customers.

As a company with a staff trained professional with a lot of expertise and full "A youthful enthusiasm. We are committed to providing our customers with the best selection of products that are "quality and quantity", "competition" for "price" and aftermarket.

We hope to receive your support and be your partner in the process of using our pumps.

Sincerely thank you for your interest in this letter!



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